Interview with : Bahi JD

Interview with : Bahi JD

Are you familiar with any of the 3 masterpieces we are featuring on our first release?

Bahi JD : I'm very familar with GHOST IN THE SHELL. I would say that it had a big impact on my life.

If so, could you let us know your story related to the title?

Bahi JD : I saw Mamoru Oshii's first Ghost in the Shell movie at a very young age. My mind was blown by the visuals and atmosphere. At that time, I realized that "animation" has many forms, we can tell any kind of story with animation, it is a big part of cinema.

The opening credits scenes, with the logo appearing and Major Kusanagi being build, is one of my favorite movie openings of all time, it is very well animated, great cinematography and the typography and editing is also great.

There many other scenes in the movie that are unforgettable, such as the spider tank battle or the last scene where Kusanagi looks down at the city from the top of the hill.

©Bahi JD

How did you get inspired by the title?

Bahi JD : The animation was powerful and felt very real, it was one of the reasons I choose to become an animator.

After I watched Oshii's movie, I wanted to understand more about how they made the movie.

I checked the staff and looked up the names of the animators so I began to study their works. The animators that worked on the movie inspire me a lot, they are one of the best animators in the world. Beside the visuals, the music by Kenji Kawai also creates a great atmosphere.

Atom the Beginning OP
Bahi JD: Storyboard, Director, Animation Supervisor
Production: Signal MD

Could you tell us your favorite masterpiece?

Bahi JD :I have many favorites, a few of them are: Terminator 2, Ghost in the Shell, Toy Story 1, Mononoke Hime, Akira, The Truman Show, Jurassic Park 1, The Iron Giant, Spirited Away, and more.

What’s your definition of a “Masterpiece”?

Bahi JD : That is a very hard and personal question. In general, to me personally, a masterpiece is a movie I can watch many times and never get tired of it, and every time I watch it, I discover something new.

A masterpiece is also very well executed, you can learn a lot from it, it can impact your life, and it is so well done that it won't age so fast, it is a timeless piece. it will be enjoyed through many decades by many people of different generations.

That, I usually call a masterpiece. But there are many other factors that make something a masterpiece.

What do you think of the younger generations’ consumption of contents?

Bahi JD : I think consumptions has become faster. We consume very fast, we scroll down fast. Sometimes we look at something quickly then quickly move to the next thing.

Because there is so much content these days. If it's something we really like, we look at it longer and press the like button.

I like to go on my "liked" history page of content I liked on social media, and I look at all that stuff I had liked more carefully and try to appreciate them more. It is good to enjoy things a bit longer, give yourself and the artwork more time and look at things more carefully.

Consumption has become fast, but now we have quick access to much more content than ever before thanks to the internet, we can learn and discover faster than before.

Bahi JD

Bahi JD is an animator and illustrator from Austria, working in the anime industry. He has worked on projects such as Space Dandy, Blade Runner 2022, 攻殻機動隊 新劇場版 , and directed the opening for アトム・ザ・ビギング.