interview with : Eno Swinnen

interview with : Eno Swinnen

Are you familiar with any of the 3 masterpieces we are featuring on our first release?

Eno : Absolutely, I've been a big fan of Ghost In The Shell since I was a teenager.

If so, could you share any personal episodes related to that masterpiece?

Eno : I actually remember first seeing it when I was very young, I must've been 5 or 6. MTV was on in our house alot and I remember loving the ads for the movie, though I never knew what the ads were for.

Later when I was in my early teens I remember ordering the english version from a mail-order catalogue.

I was blown away, I'd never seen anything like it. I later watched Mamuro Oshii's other work, but also got into Shirow Masamune's work. I'm still stunned by his drawings.

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What kind of an impact did it have on you?

Eno : The animation itself is stellar and super inspiring, but the one aspect I always loved the most was when these movies showed "scanning" procedures of any kind.

It's something I loved so much that it kind of became the basis of how I animate myself.

Could you tell us your favorite masterpiece?

Eno : don't think I have a single favorite, though Ghost In The Shell is up there, I always come back to it. Right now, my most current favorite masterpiece must be the videogame NieR: Automata, it tells a story that I feel could only be told within it's medium.

What’s your definition of a “Masterpiece”?

Eno : It's not something I can really explain? It's something I feel.

It's a movie I can't stop thinking about, it's a story I wish I'd written, it's something that hits me in the gut and makes me feel something. Sometimes that's an intense emotion, sometimes it's feeling like I'm witnessing something greater than I would never be able to create myself.

What is your opinion of how the younger generation are consuming media contents today ?

Eno : When I look at content aimed at younger kids, or created by them I'm often impressed with how good it is. It's amazing what the internet has done and how easy it is for them to learn things and create them.

Though some of it feels like it's style over substance to me? It's both impressive, but it's all bright and fast. Sometimes I like to look at something attentively, and take my time. Same can be said for stories and films! I like it when things are empty and slow sometimes.

But at the same time, the youth is most definitely the future, I’m sure they’ll be making the masterpieces soon.