Interview with : Ash Thorp

Interview with : Ash Thorp

Are you familiar with any of the 3 masterpieces we are featuring on our first release?

Ash Thorp : I am only familiar with Ghost in the Shell from this list, but I will be sure to look into the others.

If so, could you share any personal episodes related to that masterpiece?

Ash Thorp : I was introduced to the anime Ghost in the Shell at a very early age. I originally watched it on VHS which instantly dates me 🙂.

I was blown away by the depth and richness that it had, and I had never seen that in the medium of animation before.

I was instantly hooked and sought out the manga to learn more about the world, and I have been a fan ever since.

What kind of an impact did it have on you?

Ash Thorp : I think the one key inspiration I always take from GITS is that you need to always respect the subject matter that you are working with.

It was a trendsetter for me, and it reminded me that just because something is, doesn't mean it always must be... meaning, just because cartoons are seen as a medium for kids doesn't mean it has to be that way.

I find that to be the biggest lesson I take from the GITS anime.

Could you tell us your favorite masterpiece?

Ash Thorp : I love so many films/shows/anime it's really hard to pick.

I am currently obsessed with studying Paul Thomas Andersons films, mainly his masterpiece work called "There Will Be Blood".

What’s your definition of a “Masterpiece”?

Ash Thorp : I think a masterpiece is a product/experience that lives through time and changes with the perspective of its fans.

It is a piece of work that endlessly gives to its followers.

Director - Rupert Sanders
Lead Concept Artist - Maciej Kuciara
Lead Concept Artist - Vitaly Bulgarov
Concept Artist/Designer - Ash Thorp
Designer - Chris Bjerre
Reel Editor - Franck Deron

What is your opinion of how the younger generation are consuming media contents today ?

Ash Thorp : It's hard to tell. The older I get the more I look back to how lucky I was to have grown up in the early 80's, and I think most of that is nostalgia.

When I look at popular culture today, most of it appears to be a remix of my childhood, but done in a way that is disingenuine and lacking that purity of work in order to gain greatness.

I am in no way saying that there is not good products being made, because there definitely are some.

What I am saying is that many things I see are oversaturated and trying to be something from the past, rather than creating something new and for the future.

Ash Thorp

Ash Thorp’s involvement on projects is a rotation of numerous roles from graphic designer, concept/digital artist, illustrator, animator, creative director, to director.

He originally gained recognition for his UI (user interface) graphics in feature films, such as Ender’s Game (2013) and Total Recall (2012), and the video game series Call of Duty (Black Ops 3, Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare).

Soon after, he was able to additionally showcase his directorial attributes by co-directing with Chris Eyerman of 3AM, “Ares - Our Greatest Adventure,” featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson in a promotional trailer for the feature film, The Martian.

Ash also created a graphic series titled Lost Boy; a concept short film for Lost Boy was released in November 2016 and is in further development alongside his co-director, Anthony Scott Burns, and production company, Post Panic Pictures.