Interview with : Houxo Que

Interview with : Houxo Que

Are you familiar with any of the 3 masterpieces we are featuring on our first release?

Houxo Que : I have watched all the three masterpieces and feel that they all take an important part of creating the Japanese culture we have today.

If so, could you share any personal episodes related to that masterpiece?

Houxo Que : I would say ”GHOST IN THE SHELL” (movie) had a huge impact on me at that time. (I was only a 13 year old boy then)

What kind of an impact did it have on you?

Houxo Que : I would say that it still has an impact on the material I create today. To this day,I still think about how the puppet master questioned the existence of life and an information-based society.

Direction: Haruka Saito (Justokyo)
Performance: Houxo Que
Film: Hidenori Tanaka, Shinpei Yamamori
Music: Leo Sato

Could you tell us your favorite masterpiece?

Houxo Que : ( No Answer )

What’s your definition of a “Masterpiece”?

Houxo Que : A timeless piece of history.


What is your opinion of how the younger generation are consuming media contents today ?

Houxo Que : Because the use of internet is growing so fast, I think it is fair to say that there is some kind of change in the flow structure and how we store our information on a daily basis.

The information we receive is all stored in some sort of an external memory format.

Like, I can’t even remember what tweet I liked yesterday or what post I reposted you know? I think this happens because we store all our memories in our own account so there is no reason to remember it within our own selves in real life.

I think these kinds of changes of how we link and store our memories will continue to change how we perceive our culture just like how the plates of lands continue to move.

I think we should not ignore the fact that especially internet services like YouTube that are even targeting children under six years will continue to grow further in the coming years. My oldest is currently three years old right now and he learned the alphabet just so he can search videos on YouTube. So this is why this phenomenon is very interesting to me. But all of this might just be a part of the structure of how old media is transitioning to new media over the years.

When looking at the internet, you easily see old information and new information, regardless of the context and time frame in the same platform. In music, you see new releases and songs released twenty years ago all in one playlist. So in this kind of time, it's easy to lose the background story of each information and be pulled back by it, so I would say from now on an alternate way of personal consumption must be created to meet the new generations’ standards.

I myself am a true artist, so I am particularly interested in how people perceive and live with their own minds with an external platform in this kind of day. I think that some sort of a “display” format and the technology that comes with that concept is the key to this new generation, which all is something I am personally researching right now. But, I think it is possible that in the next twenty years, fifty years or even three hundred years of time a different kind of era and generation would take over our world.

Houxo Que

1984 Born in Tokyo
2014 "16,777,216view", BCTION (Tokyo, JAPAN)
2015 "16,777,216 views", Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO(Tokyo, JAPAN)
2015 "NEO JAPAN digitale Techniken in Malerei und illustration", MICHEKO GALERIE (Munich, GERMANY)
2016 "Windows", Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO (Tokyo, JAPAN)
2017 "GINZA 24H SQUAD", Matsuzaki buillding (Tokyo, JAPAN)
2017 "SHINE", ARTZONE (Kyoto, JAPAN)
2017 "WSK AXIS 2017", De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, School of Design and Arts (Manila, Filipine)
2017 "Chaos*Lounge: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Solitude", Zitti & other locations around Izumi Sta (Fukushima, JAPAN)
2018 "apple", Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO (Tokyo, JAPAN)

Encountering graffiti in his teens, QUE began his artistic activities mainly on the street walls. From then on, he has been known for his fluorescent paintings and installations using black lights. He has also presented his creative process as live painting shows many times. From 2012, he started painting directly onto displays that were presented in “16,777,216views” at BCTION (2014) and Gallery OUT of PLACE (2015). Through these exhibitions, QUE has been gathering wide attention in the contemporary art scene.

Houxo Que『apple』

▼Venue:3331 ART FAIR

▼Exhibition hours: 2018年3月2日(金)- 2018年4月1日(日)

▼Exhibition hours:12:00 - 19:00(木 - 日曜日)
※但し3月7日 - 11日は3331 Art Fair開催時間に併せて開廊しています