Interview with : Kento Nagatsuka from WONK

Interview with : Kento Nagatsuka from WONK

Are you familiar with any of the 3 masterpieces we are featuring on our first release?

Kento : Saishû Heiki Kanojo.

If so, could you let us know your story related to the title?

Kento : My friends recomended me when i was high school. It was so touching that the main charactores try to love each other so passionately. I remember we talked a lot about this title at a sensitive age.

How did you get inspired by the title?

Kento : I was acknowledged I'd never have experience such a dramatic love in my life, but sometimes I was overlapping with actual partner at that time. I think I learnt to love and confront with the others honestly.

Could you tell us your favorite masterpiece?

Kento : Donny Hathaway - In Performance Donny Hathaway influenced me a lot about how I sing. As a musician, I want to make masterpiece for someone.

What’s your definition of a “Masterpiece”?

Kento : The things strong passion within.

What do you think of the younger generations’ consumption of contents?

Kento : I think digitalizing contents stressing comsumer a lot. We get a lot of benefits from the concept of "free", but the quality of contents getting lower. I want to live with my own view, not with flooding contents.

Kento Nagatsuka
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